Allahshafi online consultation

Allahshafi is a homeopathic and herbal website that provides free online consultation. It is a unique website that offers homeopathic and herbal remedies in Urdu language.

How to use

To use, simply create an account and then submit your query. Our team of experts will review your query and respond with suggestions as soon as possible.

What to expect from

Our team of experts will provide you with suggestions for your health issues. These suggestions may include lifestyle changes, dietary changes, or herbal remedies. We may also recommend that you consult your GP for further evaluation and treatment.

Please note: The suggestions provided by are not a substitute for professional medical advice. For proper treatment, please consult your GP. is not responsible for any problems that may arise from following our suggestions.

Here are some additional tips for using

  • Be as specific as possible when submitting your query. This will help our team of experts to provide you with the most accurate and helpful suggestions.
  • Provide any relevant medical history, such as any existing medical conditions or medications that you are taking.
  • Be patient. Our team of experts is working hard to respond to all queries as soon as possible.

We hope that can be a helpful resource for you and your family.