About Allahshafi.com

To inform our audience that since there were many web pages about homeopathy in English, we found a dire need to provide the information about homeopathy to the Urdu-speaking audience. So Allahshafi.com website is the first Urdu homeopathy website and addresses the Urdu-speaking audience. This website is intended to share the knowledge of this nature base medicine with the audience, however for illnesses and medicine one should consult their local practitioner and this website take no responsibility of any nature to provide medical aid.

Nevertheless, there is more to homeopathy than the claims of pharmaceutical companies that have now and again not left any chance in trying to prove that this way practice is a mere quackery.

We have felt it as our obligation to bring light to this way of practice because after all there are not many or any for that matter fact medicine, which cures one illness, but leave damaging other organs or have other dangerous and serious side effects.

Samuel Hahnemann a Germany doctor rejected the mainstream method of practicing medicine and in 1796 introduced a way of practicing with no side effects at all. Since a century this method of medicine has been fighting a long and tiring battle against the pharmaceutical companies which have succeeded in convincing the audience and public that this way of medicine is un effective and useless.

However, is homeopathy was merely a myth, then the battle would not have lasted centuries. Till date, there are many patients who happily consult homeopaths (term used for doctors who practice homeopathy) rather than their local doctors. Many have been a witness to the effectiveness of the homeopathy medicine, it is actually they who have never given up in support of Homeopathy.

The method of practicing homeopathy is called “like cure like”. So the molecule of a virus or disease is diluted so much to an extent that not think is left in it except the alcohol in which it was diluted is given to patients in form of drops is distilled water, ethanol or sugar granules. 

This website is for providing useful information in regard to homeopathy as well us other herbal remedies.